Whether you’re a student of design or an old hack, having a library of design resources is a huge benefit. There is always more to learn to benefit what you do in your daily work.

 TinkertoysMichael Michalko

Tinkertoys is a brainstorming workbook. The exercises laid out in this workbook provide a holistic problem-solving view. This book teaches you to think, rather than just do.



Design Studies, a Reader, Hazel Clark & David Brody

Design Studies is a common textbook, and there is a reason it is so popular. It’s a collection of articles from some of the most influential designers from all fields collated into one book.



Thoughts on DesignPaul Rand

Although written in 1947, Thoughts on Design is still a relevant read from one of the most influential designers in modern history. Finally back in to print, it’s affordable and easy to find once again!



Show Your Work! , Austin Kleon

In the days of social media, showing your work publicly isn’t just a trend, it’s a necessity. Show Your Work covers some basic self-marketing principals and encourages you to public profile your process- something employers love.



 How to be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your SoulAdrian Shaughnessy

A wonderful primer on life after design school, getting a job, starting your own company, Adrian Shaughnessy combines practical advice with philosophical guidance for young emerging designers. With its broad range of topics is a good all-in-one guide.

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