A comprehensive review – ‘The Process’ (Published by The Brand Identity)

The Process, The Brand Identity (2017) Elliot Moody

Just lately, I managed to get my hands on ‘The Process’, a first in its published series by London based design collective The Brand Identity founded by multi-disciplinary designer, Elliot Moody. I was fortunate enough to get it whilst it re-stocked, and it has been driving me crazy ever since. At a glance, you have a flexed paper-back book that documents unpublished concepts from Brand Identities, to Posters and on-screen Art Board snapshots. All of which dedicated to giving you a detailed glimpse of the working design process from the likes of DIA, SocioDesign to Vertigo and many more. It is well consolidated and beautifully curated, but more importantly it’s all yours for a very easy going price (but I’ll get into that part shortly). So before I declare my verdict, I will begin with my initial impressions.

The Process, The Brand Identity (2017) Elliot Moody
The Process, The Brand Identity (2017) Elliot Moody
The Process, The Brand Identity (2017) Elliot Moody

It’s crucial to have a wide and accessible source of inspiration for your ideas, and The Process certainly delivers on variety. Numbered at 244 pages, the information is clear and legible with very little complications to layout design. In which per project, the page flow breaks itself down into an introductory paragraph summarising the work for an efficient reading experience, giving you plenty breathing space to browse and digest this books vast collection. In opinion, it feels more visual than informative due to the nature of how it has been designed and put together as a collection of images, but you can be sure it won’t let you down in the event you fall under a seemingly unbreakable creative block.

The Process, The Brand Identity (2017) Elliot Moody

Before purchasing, I would have its physical exterior in mind. How does it feel? How does it measure up as a hand-held booklet? How much does it weigh? Well in summary, its specifications are as follows: (paper stock) Arjowiggins’ Curious Collection Skin i-Tone® Black 270g and Mohawk Superfine Eggshell i-Tone® Ultrawhite 118g, (size) 125mm x 176mm, (weight approx.) 800g – 1kg. As a result, it has a very ergonomic feel for a conveniently sized book that doesn’t get in the way; meaning your co-worker can chill for a day or more if you’re that one guy who brings in all of his books to the studio. Visually, I should also mention that its typography makes for an enjoyable and pleasant reading experience. Using the RM Pro typeface designed by Mark Bloom (Mash Creative), it’s well kerned characters and regular weight react well with the print finish courtesy of Park Communications, allowing for both text and image to display well across the page layouts throughout this publication.

At a very generous £18.00, it’s likely that you’ll get hooked on this series and blow all your money that way. But for now, consider a one off investment for a truly incredible piece of design literature, and simply how far that will go in the long run. But before I conclude this piece, I will prewarn you in advance that it could be a patient wait to receive your order, in which accumulated a 5-7 day delivery in the end for myself. But what the hell, it was worth it.

Let us know what you think, and if you have any design books you can’t part with drop em below! What else are you up to this boxing day?


To buy the book and keep up with future publications head to: the-brandidentity.com

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