A creative review – Nod Young


Residing between Beijing and Los Angeles, a talented creative known as Nod Young crafts highly visual imagery that connects deeply within the realm of contemporary design and illustration. Having studied at the Academy of Arts & Design, Nod Young progressed his movements into the emergence of his own independent studio under the alias of A Black Cover Design, working for a broad range of brands including Nike, Disney, Coca-Cola and McDonalds; whilst holding a well conditioned track record in the participation of creative events and activities. Meanwhile, he has acclaimed awards from the likes of Tokyo TDC Annual Awards, Red Dot Award, Cannes Golden Lion Award and Venice Excellence Design Award. Discovering his profile just lately, it would be crazy not to talk about it! Upon immediate inspection, you will notice the sheer overwhelming breadth of colour and geometry surrounding his landing page to which it is almost impossible to start and finish with our favourite piece. So we have indeed tried ever so hard to pick out some examples that really caught our eye.

Website, Landing Page (2017) Nod Young

To kick things off, Nod Young’s work for Converse China posed quite a prominent impression on environmental design; creating an installation for the ‘OFF CANVAS TYPOGRAPHY EXHIBITION’ situated in the streets of Beijing. This comprised heavily of the use of resistant materials from what appears to be laser-cut slabs of MDF to the more recognisable pigmented acrylic spray paints, all used in eloquent fashion to create a piece commemorating the influence of new wave music that inspired him in his formative years as a teenager. Meanwhile, attached to his display is a mini-documentary video that showcases the build process, and has been cut specifically in rhythmic tandem with the musical genre courtesy of Petter Eldin (Director), Studio Stare (Producer), Roy Ling (Editor) and Pixon Han (Assistant Director). In summary, the concept and its execution is both stunning and compassionate to the musical genre; whilst harmonising its core values with the embodied stance of creativity supported by Converse in collaboration with Nod Young’s ever lasting nostalgia and passion for the new wave genre.

Image photographed by, Lei Tantan, OFF CANVAS: A STREET-LEVEL TYPOGRAPHY EXHIBITION, Beijing, China (2011) Nod Young
Build process, OFF CANVAS: A STREET-LEVEL TYPOGRAPHY EXHIBITION, Beijing, China (2011) Nod Young

In contrast, Nod Young also explores much looser to interpret pieces that play well on the implementation of colour theory and seamless geometric compositions. In this example dubbed, ‘Out There’, the familiar curvature that remains prominent within the identity of his work breaks away the systematic use of squares and triangles; whilst utilising the flow of his composition based work. Additionally, the colour palette is well patterned to gauge a clear and consistent balance without any disruptive clashing, lending a fully digestible reading line that doesn’t relapse the viewers eye to one particular area of the image. In a way, it encourages you to think differently each time you come back to his work which in contrast with its familiarity, conceives his love of new wave music and its ever changing sound.

Out There, Beijing, China (2016) Nod Young

We would love to know what you thought of Nod Young’s work, and in particular if there is any musical genres that inspire your creative process. Thanks for stopping by, and do check his work in great detail when you get the time!


See the full project(s) and more from Nod Young at: www.nodyoung.com

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