A fresh Spin on BBC’s Creative Identity


In 2016, the BBC culminated forces with their creative in-house team, thus giving birth to the name, ‘BBC Creative‘. With a mandate ‘to be the best in the world at what we do, for the world’s best broadcaster‘. In a broad nutshell, to provide creative solutions throughout BBC’s platform and multitude of Brands. In order to resolve these present issues, Spin studio were tasked to create a refreshing identity for BBC’s newly established department (hence the awkward pun). This would see the creation of a clear and consistent mark that both resonates with the company and their audience, throughout a vast array of corporate collateral.

Spin – BBC Creative Logo (2018)
Spin BBC Creative Logo forms (2018)

The resolved mark initiates a sense of flexibility throughout the brand, dictating it’s multiplex-like structure that conveys the true depth of BBC’s corporate platform and company ethos. Forming a great sense of volume and adaptability to solidify a strong and recognisable mark. A brief excerpt from Spin’s case study details that, ‘By adding a fourth ‘Creative’ box, an abstract ‘C’ shape, to the three existing BBC squares we express the fundamental relationship between the BBC and Creativity in a direct and dynamic manner. The concept offers a potentially endless visual language, providing a springboard that captures the spirit of adventure and intent within BBC Creative‘. Inevitably as a result, this mark firmly grounds itself with seamlessly infinite potential. In addition, a solution that is to also perform beyond the exterior of just being a sole mark for the brand.

SpinBBC Creative Workspace (2018)
Spin BBC Creative Workspace (2018)

As you can see, the mark sits eloquently within its surroundings, whilst gauging a clear sense of adaptability that doesn’t detract legibility. It essentially becomes a visual component to BBC’s creative office, working coherently alongside neighbouring objects. Moreover, its angular frame almost adds a subliminal depth that refines an interesting 3 dimensional finish.

SpinBBC Creative Collateral (2018)
Spin – BBC Creative Collateral (2016)

Further in-office collateral looks out how the brand mark works to a level of scale, and whilst almost paradoxical in form still remains to present the brand with crystal clear consistency.

My overall verdict on this identity is that it shows a truly beautiful sense of craft, that resolves ownership and purpose to unionise BBC’s creative endeavour as the ultimate provider for their broadcasting network. What did you guys think? Leave a comment below, and be sure to hit that ‘share’ button.


For more work from Spin Studio, you can find them at: www.spin.co.uk

To keep up with BBC Creative, you can also find them at: www.bbccreative.co.uk

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