Motion giant ‘Buck’ showcases togetherness in new animation for Tinder


Buck have long stood as one of the elite in the animation industry. They are a studio I have admired for nothing more than because they create absolutely rad work which looks amazing, push boundaries and as a designer anything that makes the world look more interesting is okay by me.

For their latest animation for dating app Tinder they created an emotive animation which highlights ‘man and womankind’s eternal struggle to couple… and do other things…’. Moving through a world of beautifully crafted sets and compelling 3D animation, they have managed to achieve something which 5 years a go may have seemed impossible. They’ve made Tinder look premium.

Tinder – Invention of Together from Buck on Vimeo.

Now this may just be Tinder attempting to create something which boost their subscriber amount, however after speaking to a sales rep for the company at YMS (Youth Marketing Strategy) last year it seems the brand are attempting to overhaul their ‘hook up’ persona and reinvent themselves into something that can stand shoulder to shoulder with any other dating site, while also appeal to other brands as a way to advertise to millennials. Will this work? only time can tell but utilising book to create an incredibly crafted piece of advertisement is definitely a good start.

Character Development – Buck

Using 3D Graphics and loveable characters is something we are used to seeing from Buck. Containing a great amount of expression and human behaviour their ability to make you connect with these character is what gives their work such power and makes the creations so relatable, even when you’re being thrown through an assortment of time lines and locations. The development of these characters is crucial to the storyline and as such, a vast amount of work goes into their creation. To see the full image break down you can do so on their site, or see a couple of snapshots below.

Costume Development – Buck

Costume Development – Buck

Along side the animation real life sets were designed and hand crafted to accommodate the characters. We have seen this kind of mixed medium approach used numerous times over the years, with great effect and this incident is no different. By developing the environment in real life is gives them greater control over the objects, lighting and overall customisation while also allowing for a much more tactile and interesting aesthetic to be developed.

Environment Design – Buck

This kind of work shows the world just why Buck are considered among the top tier for animation and motion design and in my opinion is a true testament to the industry and when it comes down to it, what can be achieved with some great storytelling.

To see the full list of credits and photography visit the project on Bucks website!


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