Case study review — Accept & Proceed ‘Beazley Design of the Year’


The Beazley Design Award’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition took place in October 2017, looking at the theme of film, virtual reality, audio and objects. Which, represented the breadth of over 60 global projects submitted within the six categories of Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Graphics, Product and Transport. Accept & Proceed were tasked to create all of the event collateral of which would represent the overarching theme. As a result, their response looks at a kaleidoscopic visual language that demonstrates exploration and resolve.

Accept & Proceed — Design Museum Visual Language (2017)
Accept & Proceed — Design Museum Poster in context (2017)

Upon immediate inspection the concept is apparent in the graduating segments of imagery, culminating a likely kaleidoscopic appearance. An excerpt from their case study adds that, ‘We created a kaleidoscopic filter, a visual metaphor for the process of fragmentation and exploration that leads to understanding and discovery, transitioning imagery from problem to solution.’  Which in summary, suggests a significant level of depth was considered in order to create powerful story telling imagery that would best represent the Exhibition, and its headlining projects. Moreover, lending itself to the key conceptual themes of ‘fragmentation’, ‘exploration’, ‘understanding’ and ‘discovery’. A beautiful formula that chimes in effortlessly with Accept & Proceed’s mandate to create empathetic Identity solutions that connect people through diving deeper into their roots.

Accept & Proceed — Design Museum Poster Artwork (2017)
Accept & Proceed — Design Museum Social Media Artwork (2017)

The layout and typography looks at the implementation of a clean-cut sans serif typeface in use with a responsive grid system. As a result, these key technical components cultivate an elegant layout, making for a memorable reading experience to accompany the visually captivating imagery. You can also see that through it’s application, the collateral has been well designed to co-exist within a densely populated urban landscape. Once more, allowing the concept and its story to come through strong.

Accept & Proceed — Design Museum Poster in context (2017)

Overall, this was an incredibly enjoyable case study. Demonstrating the importance and impact of functional design in its true form. We would love to know what you think, and if you have any favourite case studies, then be sure to drop them down in the comment box below!


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