Community Picks : Vol 1


We get a lot of posts in the group of our members showcasing their work, be it for feedback or just to show off their hard work, we appreciate it and every so often we see gems of creativity and craft come out and we created this series to showcase them and give their makers a pat on the back.

Death Before Decaf by Milan Chagoury @staybold

Keyholders by Kyriakos Kokkinos

Star Wars poster by Lyndon Willoughby

Sparrow by Claire Louise

Dreaming by Ted Bettridge

Infinity war by Max Beech

Tiger by Harsimran Singh Sain

By Vidit Argawal

To get your work featured, post your work up in the group and we will pick our favourites for the next volume. If you aren’t already in our community, request to join now for free, and join over 10,000+ members.

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