Daniel Arsham – Pioneer of the material world


In a society of accumulated human development there are those that challenge its vast innovations through manipulation of the material world. Often in a way that is riddled with subjectivity questioning its very existence; and now I have your attention. Daniel Arsham is an inter-disciplinary creative, focusing on a broad spectrum of processes and techniques residing predominately within Photography, Architecture and Fine Arts with an emphasis on breaking the norm with ever jarring aesthetic quality. In which, the core focus of his work explores the re-imagined form of the material world.

Eyespace, Merce Cunningham (2004) — Set design by, Daniel Arsham

In his earlier years, Daniel Arsham attended the Cooper Union of Art in New York having received the Gelman Trust Fellowship Award in 2003. It was later in 2004 that had seen one of his most prominent collaborations with legendary choreographer, Merce Cunningham in a performance that was called ”Eyespace”. In which, Daniel was commissioned to design a stage-set and thus, this depicted an explicit take on architectural precision and gravity defying boundaries; playing in eloquent tandem with the choreographed performance. Being his first effective project in spatial design, this piece was later acquired by The Walker Museum for its collection. Ultimately, Daniel had no prior experience in this field, and so he continued to pursue this newly bestowed passion; later building a track record of collaborations with Jonah Bokaer, a former dancer of Merce Cunningham. This lead to his more recent work with internationally renowned artist and long-time collaborator of Adidas Originals, Pharell Williams. Which involved a recreation of Pharell’s first keyboard using volcanic ash as the pivoting medium for the piece.

Hourglass 01 & 08 — Daniel Arsham (2017)
Moving Architecture (Exhibition) — Daniel Arsham (2017)

In the year 2007, Daniel Arsham formed ‘Snarkitecture‘ with the long-term mandate to further pursue his interests in spatial design. The rise of his official trademark had seen large collaborations and features with the likes of KITH, Complex and Adidas. More recently, featuring in a one-off series known as ”hour-glass” in affiliation with Adidas Originals. A 3 part (past, present and future) cinematic experience that depicts the stylistic and philosophical influences of his work played out from the perspective of his formative to future self. Alongside a new book that is currently in production, Daniel actively pursues new avenues to explore within his field, where you will find much of his day to day endeavours, observational sketches and findings documented across his Instagram profile (@danielarsham). Also keep your eye out for future exhibitions; where his most recent was held in Moscow titled ”Moving_Architecture”, an elaborate display that exhibits the distortion of material reality within a well contained space.

We are keen to see your thoughts on Arsham’s work, and if there are any mediums outside of your field you actively pursue to break new boundaries!


For more from Daniel Arsham, head over to:  www.danielarsham.com




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