Design for a plastic-free planet


London based design agency, Made Thought have surfaced with an innovative idea in collaboration with grassroots organisation A Plastic Planet (APP). To target super markets world-wide developing on the globally recognised issue of plastic recycling. Extinguishing a mark that is undeniably outfitted for the future of which presently remains to be, a plastic crisis.

Made Thought & A Plastic Planet – Plastic Free mark in use (2018)

Since the 1950’s, we have produced a total of 6.3 billion tonnes in plastic, of which 9% has only been recycled. In doing so, 40% of this recycled material has been dedicated to packaging daily consumables, whereby half of this is taken up by food and water. Ultimately, plastic recycling poses severe long term effects as a bio-degradable source, expelling plastic particles that lay on our ocean beds at the end of its life cycle, and contaminating the indigenous populations along with their ecosystems. Not forgetting the effects it also has on us! With an established route cause for action, A Plastic Planet co-founders Sian Sutherland and Frederikke Magnussen launched a campaign in January of 2017 to promote a plastic free aisle. With the simple aim to encourage the integration of plastic free aisle’s within super markets. 

‘’When did it become okay to wrap something as perishable as food in something as indestructible as plastic?’’. 

— Sian Sutherland, A Plastic Planet (Co-Founder)


Ekoplaza Fly Posters, by Made Thought
Made Thought & A Plastic Planet – Plastic Free Posters (2018)
Ekoplaza Shelf Talker Design, by Made Thought
Made Thought & A Plastic Planet – Plastic Free Signage (2018)
Ekoplaza Clean Graffiti design, by Made Thought
Made Thought & A Plastic Planet – Plastic Free Mark (2018)

The mark lends itself both elegantly to the issue, whilst promoting a precise cause for action. In which, alongside the use of renowned Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed, conveys a spoken dialogue that activates the brands eco-friendly narrative. In an interview with Wallpaper Magazine, Made Thought’s founders Paul Austin and Ben Parker mention that, ”The aim is to have an easy to identify mark that consumers can find so they know for certain that they’re buying a product that does not add to the flood of single-use plastic”. By embedding a simplified visual language, it can become timeless and iconic as its life cycle progresses into the near future. In addition to this, it was brought up that, ”The ambition is that the mark gets taken up by forward thinking producers around the world as a clear trust mark”As a result, the introduction of the newly developed mark will not only motivate well informed decisions at a customer level, but potentially unionise familiar industries to relinquish plastic recycling for good.

”A Plastic Planet will debut the mark in the Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza with the launch of the world’s first Plastic Free Aisle, dubbed the Ekoplaza Lab. This pilot shopping project features 700 products that showcase natural bio-materials and other easily recyclable pieces of packaging.”

— Wallpaper magazine, ”Meet the designer-activists using graphics to fight supermarket plastics”


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For more information on plastic recycling and how you can make a difference, hit up A Plastic Planet over at:

For more work from Made Thought, you can find them at:

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