A fresh Spin on BBC’s Creative Identity

In 2016, the BBC culminated forces with their creative in-house team, thus giving birth to the name, ‘BBC Creative‘. With a mandate ‘to be the best in the world at what we do, for the world’s best broadcaster‘. In a … Read More

Design for a plastic-free planet

London based design agency, Made Thought have surfaced with an innovative idea in collaboration with grassroots organisation A Plastic Planet (APP). To target super markets world-wide developing on the globally recognised issue of plastic recycling. Extinguishing a mark that is … Read More

Where will Designers be in ten years time?

*Disclaimer: this is what we get taught at german universities.* Talking about the future can be scary, especially when it comes to jobs and the general future of design. We live in an era of change. Fast change. Ten years … Read More

Daniel Arsham – Pioneer of the material world

In a society of accumulated human development there are those that challenge its vast innovations through manipulation of the material world. Often in a way that is riddled with subjectivity questioning its very existence; and now I have your attention. … Read More

The Guardian revamps for a new age of journalism

For those of you who may not know, or are otherwise not familiar with ‘The Guardian’, a recent re-brand was carried out to establish the companies presence for a new age of online journalism. This situated a heavy duty re-build … Read More

A creative review – Nod Young

Residing between Beijing and Los Angeles, a talented creative known as Nod Young crafts highly visual imagery that connects deeply within the realm of contemporary design and illustration. Having studied at the Academy of Arts & Design, Nod Young progressed … Read More

Meet Markus Magnusson, Animation Extraordinaire

    Being an animator and motion designer isn’t just about style. It’s about the almost OCD nature you put into detail and realistic movement, especially when you reach the tier of Markus Magnusson! who is one of the most consistent … Read More

Blok Design – A jack of all trades

If I was to ask you one question, ”What defines a multi-disciplinary agency?”, how would you answer? Today, I have dug up Blok Design from the archives to discuss their vastly extensive focus on process and format to realise the … Read More