Being an animator and motion designer isn’t just about style. It’s about the almost OCD nature you put into detail and realistic movement, especially when you reach the tier of Markus Magnusson! who is one of the most consistent character animators currently active.

While Markus is clearly a very good animator, a few things always stand out. His ability to to create charming and interesting characters and also how said characters move. That’s where his expertise of the walk cycle comes in. We all know about Kevin Parry and similarly, Markus really understands how to bring out those little nuances and details which make a characters personality shine, to make it go from being a serious of vector points on a screen, to someone you’d almost want to meet if you could (I’m looking at you skating grandad!)

If you’re looking to get into character animation, or just try your hand at it Markus is the person you should be trying to emulate!

Check out his social channels on Instagram & Dribbble. Maybe even try to reach out to him (in a non stalker way) and see if he has any advise for you. He also sets all of his videos on Vimeo so they are available to download by the public! Make sure you take a few for your reference libraries.

Markus Magnusson work examples

BusyBlock from Markus Magnusson on Vimeo.

To This Day Project: Segment 19 from Markus Magnusson on Vimeo.

New Planet from Markus Magnusson on Vimeo.

Floppy Disk from Markus Magnusson on Vimeo.

What do you think of Markus’s work? pretty rad right?! let us know in the comments.

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