Our community guidelines

Play Nice

Don’t be rude to other members, treat them how you would like to be treated. Any bullying will be dealt with swiftly resulting in removal / ban. We strive to curate a friendly community where everyone can feel involved.

Post Correctly

Upload shots of your work directly to the group with a short paragraph giving some context, a link at the bottom of the post to show more is allowed. With video we advise you upload directly for the best engagement, failing that using youtube which can be embedded in the group ispermissible.

Piracy / Plagiarism

We don’t tolerate either, anyone posting plagiarised stuff or pirating software will be banned immediately and will have to get in touch to rectify the situation.


Self-promotion is permitted alongside your work upload posts. We allow a single link to your website. Just posting out your website will result in your post being deleted.


Please get in touch if you wish to sell any goods in our group, without doing so will result in you being removed. Please note we will ask you to provide a 10% discount for our members.


Got a product or a service you wish to advertise with our community? get in touch via info@thedesignersleague.co to discuss your promotion.


Our job board is coming soon, please get in touch via info@thedesignersleague.co if you wish to advertise your job with our community.

Working Together

Skill-sharing and Service for Service is allowed in the group, as long as both parties consent to it. Members should not poach eggs other members into free work unless they consent.


Rules suck, we know…but we want to make sure everybody feels comfortable as this community was made for everyone, if you see someone not playing fairly, please let us know.

Reporting a post / user

If you notice that someone is not following the rules, help us by reporting their post, they won’t be notified that you have reported it, but we will deal with it whilst keeping you anonymous.

On the right hand side of a post you will see a small arrow. click this to reveal a drop down menu, from there you are able to report the post to an admin, please note you will need to confirm it as pictured below.

Reporting helps keep the group a tidy and an enjoyable experience, we highly recommend you report all rule-breaking and notify us additionally if you feel the need, we will be able to locate the offending post, user much more quickly.