We’re coming up to our third year and over the past few years we’ve come to realise what  TDL really stands for, and that’s a community developed to developing their craft irrespective of age, discipline and experience all without taking ourselves too seriously. We felt that our current branding didn’t really represent that.

The meaning behind our new TDL mark made out of basic shapes and colours is a spin on craft. basic geometric shapes make up the building blocks and are a starting point for many designers work. Be it UI screens, logos, typography & illustration, they are evident in nearly all work we see. The colour part is simple; We’ve had to stick to a boring old antique looking gold for nearly 3 years and quite frankly we’re sick of it. Craft as a concept behind our brand was something that we first tried to illustrate by making something detailed and extravagant – it instead came off looking a little cult-like, and not very friendly, something we attest to being in our community, it was horrible to scale with and use in social media and online, to put it bluntly; it made a killer pin badge, but it just wasn’t a great logo.

As our community grows, so do our ambitions. We’re in the process of developing a multitude of cool stuff for our members, video, our online journal, a job board and a much bigger and better merchandise store which we hope to turn into a carefully curated designer marketplace – more on that in the future though.  So you see, with all these points in mind, it only made sense to go back and rethink what our brand looks and feels like to better represent what our community is turning into.

Check out the full rebrand over here on Behance.

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