The Community Speaks : Vol 1


This week, we ask the community about how young designers should contact studios/agencies for potential work experience & to get hired.

“Be brave, bold and unique. Be confident and stand out of the crowd without coming across arrogant. A “true-to-yourself” approach as so far always worked fantastically for me.” – Dean Mcblack

“We received an incredible CV at our place recently – it was like a puzzle with multiple parts, came with a little magnifying glass, beautifully presented and had obviously had some real thought put into it. Unfortunately one of our directors dismissed it pretty much straight away because it was littered with spelling mistakes. It’s all good putting together an awesome conceptual piece to wow folks, but remember attention to detail is paramount within the industry and you need substance as well as style!” – Tom Hayes

“Get in touch with the right person. Cjances are if you send an email to hello@ its going to land in a pile with about 102020 other applicants. Try find the creative director or head of HR.” – Barrington Reeves

“Try and get in contact with someone there without sitting behind your computer screen. So to events, go to talks where the director may be giving a keynote speech, or some of the team may be there, arrange to visit the studio and make sure you’re memorable. Speak to them. Fro experience you’re far more likely to get to an interview if they already know your first name and like you.

“I can only speak about London but in the last 6 weeks I’ve made more contacts and leads doing that than I have in 2 years. Fortune favours the brave in a big way and you may as well pursue these positions by kicking the door in and making yourself unforgettable. What have you got to lose after all..” – Ben Mottershead

“I have found that honesty is the best way to win people over when you contact them. Never exaggerate or lie but be confident in your abilities and clear in your message and it goes a long way. There is no substitute for face-to-face interaction either so getting into a situation where you can meet the people you need to works wonders! Someone liking you is arguably more valuable than a stellar portfolio, as a great working relationship and strong communication will produce the best work, not just raw skills.” – Luke Ochrombel

“I try to personalize everything for who I am reaching out to, I have a hand typed note, from a typewriter, and I personalize my portfolio for every position I’ve ever applied for. For my portfolio it’s arranged to highlight what they are asking for. I think it’s important that they know they aren’t part of some mass email blast to every in a hundred mile radius.” – Ray Carey

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