Where will Designers be in ten years time?


*Disclaimer: this is what we get taught at german universities.*

Talking about the future can be scary, especially when it comes to jobs and the general future of design. We live in an era of change. Fast change. Ten years ago we faced the first big change with the first ever iPhone that has been released. The hype started, people believed the future was now. While some people dreamt about what’s yet to come, others started worrying about change. Of course change doesn’t always have to be connected to negativity, change can be positive but only if you adapt to it and let it happen.

But what about change within an Industry? What do you think, where will Designers be in ten years? Do you think we will have the same jobs, creating little things behind a computer? Do you think agencies will grow even bigger? What does the future hold for us creatives? It’s not a secret that some people have created their own fear against Adobe creating user-friendly programs that robots or non designers can use to create content. But is this really going to happen? The one fact that we all argue with against this is that the main difference between us and robots is us having emotions. Combining emotions with design.

Here is one way about how our lives could look like in ten years:

Agencies will barely be a thing.

Management consultancies have started buying agencies as a right hand to help companies staying alive in the market. At the first glance it might sound promising as it means more regulated and organised projects but this is exactly the thing: Management consultants know nothing about creativity and that is the first thing that will go. Regulated working hours will stop the work flow an agency nowadays has to offer. Normal graphic design will never die just like print won’t but it will become a lower and lower position. One thing that will grow attraction is having designers in management and CEO/COO positions. This new field has already started spreading out within companies. People realised that with a creative job the work philosophy is completely different from someone who is just writing mails all day. Creatives might have eight hours of work a day but constructive work might only be 50% of that time. The other half is filled with all kinds of different breaks. Getting this philosophy in the high positions will help the company’s work flow and reduce stress from workers. That’s the reason why a lot of people start taking their masters in a different subject, such as philosophy, psychology or management. That way they can assure being able to work in both fields and bring a new perspective and solution to the company.

Like I said in the beginning, change doesn’t always have to be negative if you let yourself adapting to it. This is just a possibility of how it might look in ten years, so don’t take my word for it.

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