Logo identity, Ark League (2017) Yuta Takahashi

When creating an Identity, it goes without saying that form and function take priority, and what better example to take a leaf from their book than, Yuta Takahashi? Based in Ehime Japan, Yuta Takahashi runs a creative agency creating high-end identity solutions for international clients ranging from Ark League to Guell. His take on realising the conceptual design process revolves heavily around the construction of word marks and iconography, comprised of precise proportion and cutting-edge grid systems. Of course, why mention such things? (and I can assure you I am not about to pull out a monologue on the golden ratio from my ass) It is not just his talent for communication, but attention to detail in which I simply can not stress enough; delivery is just crucial as the concept itself, and Yuta Takahashi’s work is the silver lining between them both.

Logo mark, Ark League (2017) Yuta Takahashi

Take Ark League for example. Yuta Takahashi was commissioned by this X-Sports competition (originally established in 2013) to craft a new identity which would be used alongside future events taking place under the ‘FLAT ARK‘ BMX flatland circuit. The intent throughout this concept was to capture ”the ideas of body and senses, energy and enthusiasm, movement and competition etc., relating this to the tournament’s theme of “Noah’s Ark” to produce a refined expression”. In response, this comprised of rectangles with sharp slanting angles; all of which eloquently stacked amongst each other to depict a visual expression. Which further expanding on the physical geometric form itself, Yuta Takahashi developed on these expressions through the incorporation of ”modernity, simplicity and visibility”, to capture an ideal and singular theme to conclude this concept with. You can see that within its fully scalable and bold physiques, it makes for a well optically adjusted mark that is sure to be a timeless classic.

Word mark, Ark League (2017) Yuta Takahashi

A beautiful icon is not complete without its companion word mark. Simply put, Ark League boasts a beautifully constructed mono-spaced typeface, streamlined and smoothly cut at the corners to align with the envisioned future that extreme sports is pivoting towards. Upon closer inspection, you will notice consistent stroke widths and counter-spacing with a very distinguishable letter ‘R’ expelling its leg millimetres past its bowl. Meanwhile, other features follow a letter ‘G’ that has had its crossbar completely trimmed back to preserve the overall simplicity of the design. Whilst, the arm and leg on the letter ‘K’ have been both equalised and attached to an extended joint to match up with the cap-widths of the remaining letters.  As a finishing touch, all of the crossbars and joints have been centre-aligned to direct a clear and consistent reading line throughout the word mark.

Logo identity, Ark League (2017) Yuta Takahashi

This project truly is an example of craft and communication coming together to actualise resolve. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below, and join in with the creative debate.


See the full project and more from Yuta Takahashi at: http://www.yutatakahashi.jp/work/ark_league/

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